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Since 2013, our team has dedicated significant time, effort, and resources to explore novel sources of energy generation, fuels, water treatment, and waste management. Through a comprehensive global search, we have identified and promoted inventors specializing in renewable, non-intermittent energy devices, and advanced water treatment systems.

International Consulting in  Hydrogen & Renewables

eVortex is an International Consultant focused on two different areas:


For companies or individuals with innovative green products and/or projects with little or no market penetration and wish to make their products or systems known to the world in an efficient, quick and safe way, through studies of economic viability, competition and commercial strategy, providing a wide portfolio of clients and investors.


For companies, governments and public sectors that need innovative solutions for current social problems, in the development of projects in the areas of Energy, Fuels, Water and Waste.

Our Services

We accompany our clients throughout all the necessary processes for the market launch of products and services.

Our Services


Patent Management

Legal Protection and accompaniment during the whole process

Green Certificates


Financial Viability Studies

Business Plan

Investors Portafolio


Marketing Strategies

International Positioning

Digital Marketing Social Media

Commercial Strategy

Competition Studies

Insertion strategies

Customer Portfolio


Technical Study of Products

Engineer Modeling and Structural Analysis

3D Tools & Model Generation


3D Tools for Model Generation 3D Print 


Here are some examples of our engagement with our clients and partners.


Ready to find out more?

Tell us about your project and we will give you a proposal in a short time and without any obligation to carry it out, based on our long experience.


The more social impact it has, the easier to accompany you to its success.

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