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Commercial Estrategy

Every product or service requires a successful and profitable market penetration strategy and implementation. For this we must understand the what the market needs and understand how these inventions can impact society as a whole.


We analyze the social repercussions as well as any potential risks to ensure an unobstructed market entry, maintaining ethical standards. We further analyze potential affected market segments and we look for ways to mitigate negative repercussions. 


We have tools and direct sales staff supported by each and every one of the areas that make up EVORTEX to ensure unprecedented success.

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Cynthia Bladinieres

Expert in commercial negotiation, pedagogy, design and training for human capital. She has extensive experience in staff training, public relations, and international convention management. She has worked in the commercial area with international companies such as British Airways and The Anglo Mexican Foundation. She currently drives the commercial area for EVORTEX since its inception, coordinating requirements for business growth with management.

Communication and Executive Manager

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